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A single mom...AGAIN!
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I never regretted marrying young. It was what I wanted. While my friends were dreaming of going to college and finding their dream careers, I dreamed of nothing more than being married and having children. And that's what happened. Five months out of high school I was married, and 2 years later our son was born. Four years after that precious gift arrived, we had our daughter. Dream fulfilled.

Prior to having children my then-husband and I agreed we would have children while we were young so that when they were old enough to be independent, we were still young enough to do what we wanted. And while that was a wonderful philosophy, it was not to be. Because while my children were terribly young, he moved on and did what he wanted, leaving me to finish his end of the bargain.

After 9 years of sacrificing my dreams (I didn't date that whole time!) and hopes, I now have 2 beautiful masterpieces I get to call my own. All of a sudden he decides he wants to be a full time parent and they move in with him for a year.

During that year, I start a business I'd been dreaming of starting for a long time, making a success of it on my own. I started dating - nothing serious but getting out there again after being single for so long. I had a great full time job, a wonderful circle of friends and was starting to really feel single again. I was finally having the life I wanted, while still having a great relationship with my kids. I had the best of all worlds.

Over the summer, my daughter comes to visit. On the day she is to return home, her father informs me that he can't have her at his home anymore. She needs to live with me.

There are far too many details to explain, but needless to say, this was a shock to me. I had finally begun the life I dreamed of having, and here he goes again, bailing on me and abandoning his child.

Now I love my daughter and am elated she is home. But part of me - a good chunk of me - feels robbed. He moved on, married, bought a house, has several cars, owns his business and has a life while I stayed committed to raising our children for 9 years. Now that I'm finally living MY life MY way here he goes again, scrambling it all up because he can't handle his responsibilities.

I love my daughter and would never send her back. But how do I let go of the resentment, and the feeling that I don't have control over my life - that someone else's decisions determine my destiny? My dating life is non-existent, I have little time for my business, and my finances are drying up. Who can I blame and when will it stop hurting?

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