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Here is the thing about the closets - most people think of closets as "out of sight, out of mind" deal. Not true. It is important to understand that with the feng shui energy, the "out of sight" does not work. You cannot cover, conceal or pretend not to see low energy, because in the world of feng shui energy, there are no boundaries.

Unfortunately, most homes have busy, cluttered and just plain ugly closets. If you are working on improving the feng shui energy in your home, do not neglect your closets, put them high on your feng shui to-do list.


If your closets are overcluttered and busy, having the doors closed will not help you much. More than that, in feng shui closets are connected to your innermost, your deepest, often hidden feelings about yourself. Think of the state of your closets as a feng shui test of your self-esteem. How high is your self-esteem? How clean, peaceful and beautiful is your inner world?

Open your closets and take a look.

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