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Question: 1
Without being called, they come at night.
Without being stolen, they are lost in the day.
What are they? 

Question: 7
I have seven letters: The first two stand for a boy. The first three stand for a girl. The first four are a brave boy. The first six are addictive. But all of my letters together stand for a brave girl. What am I? 


Question: 2
Two legs have I, and this will confound:
Only at rest do they touch the ground.
Who am I? 

  Question: 8
Stand and I disappear. Sit and I reappear. What am I? 


Question: 3
I went to the woods. That’s where I got it. I brought it home with me because I couldn’t find it? What is it? 
  Question: 9
I know what my job is, The point has been made. You say I have a big head? It’s true, I’m afraid. What I need most is to be driven home. So put me in my place and then leave me alone. What am I? 


Question: 4
Although I am served, you do not want me. But once you have me, you don’t want to lose me. What am I? 

  Question: 10
Try to keep me, because if you lose me, those around you will lose their as well. What am I? 


Question: 5
I lose a head in the morning, but I get it back at night. What am I? 

  Question: 11
I do not breathe, yet I run. I do not eat, yet I sleep. I do not drink, yet I swim. I do not think, yet I grow. I cannot see you, but you see me everyday. What am I? 


Question: 6
Neither bus nor train, nor cab, nor plane, I transport you once and then never again. What am I? 
  Question: 12
Large as mountains, small as peas, endlessly swimming in waterless seas. Who are they? 
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